Piano lessons should be enjoyable AND challenging! Whether I am working with beginners or advanced players I am very positive in recognizing students’ efforts and accomplishments, and am adaptable to the unique needs of each student.

I am quick at analyzing technical challenges and have many strategies to help students overcome technical problems. I also focus on helping students draw on their own natural musical feelings so that they can play expressively in many styles.

I expect consistent and diligent effort from all my students. I involve students in setting the amount of weekly practice that they will commit to. In most cases my students are expected to practice an average of at least an hour each day.


Interested students come to my home for an initial interview and audition prior to starting lessons. (There is no charge for the interview/audition.) For students under 18, one or both parents are encouraged to attend. The interview allows the student (and parent) and me to discuss goals for learning and expectations for individual practice, along with such topics as styles of music to be learned, performance possibilities, and teaching style.


I will evaluate all new students at the end of the first eight weeks of lessons. If progress and effort are satisfactory the lessons may continue.


Weekly lessons are generally 45 or 60 minutes, though shorter or longer lessons may be arranged when appropriate. Students are expected to arrive at the appointed time, and lessons will not run over-time unless special arrangements are made with the student and/or parents.


All lessons are infused with information and insights based on the Alexander Technique. Applying aspects of this technique to piano playing often yields very positive results in the physical and psychological aspects of playing the piano and the release of unproductive tension. Some of the techniques will be introduced and explained during the Initial Interview. For more information please see the page on my site “The Alexander Technique.”


Many students enjoy and learn from performing in public. Currently there are no recitals or other performance events scheduled to coincide with these lessons. I will assist interested students in finding appropriate opportunities to perform.


If you have questions or would like to arrange for and initial interview, please write to me at asher.rick@gmail.com